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You don't have to "kill" your workout on a daily basis. (2) 30 minute cardio sessions and 2-3 45 minute strength sessions a week putting forth your best effort is all you need to get and stay in shape. Pairing smart workouts with a diet to support your efforts will get you the results you want. That's 2-3 hours each week focusing on yourself, leaving time to do the activities that you want to do with your friends/family. Take charge and book a FREE 20 minute consultation with me. The consult includes a fitness assessment, discussion of goals and expectations and a recommendation to get you started on your path. Email me at kcote123@comcast.net or text me at 508-360-3881 to schedule an appointment convenient for you.  

Whether it's Personal Fitness Coaching One on One in my studio, Online Fitness Coaching or Nutrition Coaching,  Click the link below to get started!

catalyst: a person or event that quickly causes change or action

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On Line Health and Fitness Coaching

You get a video assessment, a customized workout plan than you can print or follow on your phone through the PT Distinction app to see and log workouts, weekly check ins, online support, nutritional recommendations with on line tracking and daily accountability. All of this for $75 a month. Just need a workout plan? I will customize one for you and your goals $50 a month. Use the button above to get started!